Honorable Governor Doyle,

          As a mayoral candidate for the city of Kenosha and more importantly , as a citizen concerned about the health and safety  of the general populace of this great state, I ask your office to investigate  whether a conflict of interest occurred involving  the former District Attorney of Kenosha County, Robert Jambois and his review  of  the shooting death of Mr. Bobby Sherrod. This shooting occurred on March 29th of 2005 in the city  of Kenosha. Mr. Sherrod, who was naked and on a city  street with his children, was shot by a police officer.

         After many hours of personal investigation, I  am enclosing the timeline (supported by press documents and state records) just prior to the shooting death of Mr. Sherrod and the review  period shortly there after. 
If your office finds that a conflict of interest has occurred,  please use every means at your disposal to assist in changing the review system. To ensure that aspersions are not cast upon law  enforcement and the review process, I suggest the following:

  1. Investigation of future incidents must be done by a law enforcement agency or agencies removed from the department in which the shooting occurred.
  2. A family’s request for a public review must be honored.
  3. Law enforcement and the family should have a voice in selecting a District Attorney removed from the department in which the shooting occurred to review evidence.  
  4.  A blood sample of any officer involved must be drawn and reviewed for controlled or uncontrolled substances which may have effected his/her decision.
  5. Formal complaints against law enforcement must also be available at locations other than those associated with police to diminish concerns of intimidation.

          My intent is to protect not only  the citizens of this great state, but also the lives and  reputations of the fine officers of law enforcement who put themselves in harms way.

Most sincerely,

Michael M. Bell
Lt. Col.  retired, USAF